If 2nd Graders Bowled Like Legislators Passed Laws

I had the chance to go on my 2nd grade daughter, Embry’s field trip to the bowling alley today. I won’t lie, I had my concerns. Bowling isn’t easy – especially when the balls weigh 25% of your total body weight like Embry but I had the best time watching the kids interact.

I thought there would be upset kids and hurt feelings over gutter balls, low scores and the kids that were way better bowlers than others. Instead I heard a lot of this:

  • You knocked down two pins that is so good!
  • Here I’ll push the ball with you.
  • Let me hand you the ball when it come out.
  • Ms. Powers did you see ______ knock all the pins down? That was so cool!

In fact in the time we were there I didn’t see any hurt feelings or being upset over how bowling was going. They were more concerned about their group as a whole than their individual performance.

Seeing this came at a really good time for me after watching the performance of our government in our special session over the last two days. I started thinking on my way home, what if these 2nd graders bowled like our legislators?

Governor 2nd Grader: I know we are going on a bowling field trip we’ve already paid for in 3 weeks but I am paying lots of extra money so we can go today.

Teacher 2nd Grader: Well we think that’s ridiculous but we will be there to make sure that you don’t cheat.

Governor 2nd Grader: No need to be there I will bowl for you all. You aren’t good enough to bowl. You’ll get more pins this way.

Teacher 2nd Grader: We’ve just seen you all cheat a lot and we’d like to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

House Leader 2nd Grader: Before I roll this ball I am going to give a 10 minute speech about what is wrong with all of you teacher 2nd graders. We’ve cheated at bowling for 55 years and no one has cared. Now that we’ve been caught you all are all worked up about it. I’m here to tell you that we cheated today the same way we cheated last time and the same way we will cheat again next time.

Majority Party 2nd Graders: Yes most of us were here when all the cheating you teachers started to begin with and yes we went along with it but that’s before anyone knew what was going on. Stop asking us hard questions or we will quit. Isn’t there a private room we can bowl in? When is recess?

Minority Party 2nd Graders: They won’t even let us play the game anymore.

Majority Party 2nd Graders: I am not sure we will win the game so we are going to quit. We will come up with a game that those teacher 2nd graders definitely can’t win before we come back here again.

Welcome to the picture of maturity in Kentucky folks! All that was in good fun but not true far from the truth about what is going on here. I highly recommend wherever you are located that you start watching the coverage from your state legislature. You will be shocked at the shenanigans that go on each and every day.

Stay informed and stay active. I vowed to be a voice at the state level for the kids who don’t have one and I don’t take that promise lightly.


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