My Mama Says Nothing Good Happens After 10pm…Why Didn’t Anyone Teach the KY House Leaders That?

I had a lot of time to think last night – mainly because I was afraid to go to sleep. In Kentucky our legislators seem determined to only do business behind closed doors and in the dark of night so I am forced to stay awake odd hours, check the Legislative Research Council Website, and social media to stay informed about what is happening in Frankfort.

My mom always told us as kids that nothing good happens after 10pm. I wish my legislators followed that advice.

I was also worried for my kids all night. It was unclear most of the night whether there would be teachers to teach them today. Embry was excited to make gingerbread houses with her beloved 2nd Grade Teacher and Jackson is wrapping up his Colonial Times unit by participating in “Barter Day” where he carefully selected 5 items from home to try and trade with his classmates for other goods like in Colonial Times. It would have broken their hearts to miss school today, as it will if school is cancelled tomorrow and the have to skip their end of the semester bowling trip or “Colonial Day” filled with colonial crafts and activities.

However, as a former teacher I will gladly take on explaining to them why there is no school tomorrow if it comes to that. There was a a different air in the car circle this morning when the kids got out of the car that truly gutted me a bit. I saw, for the first time, a look of defeat on the teacher’s faces. They are tired too. My guess is they also were afraid to go to sleep last night. My guess is they were worried sick about how upset their students would be if they had to miss all the end of semester fun. I bet they worried about who would explain why there was no school to the kids who don’t have a loving home environment.

I think in many ways teachers are too tired to even be upset about what is in the crazy pension bill at this point. But I do think they are upset and worried for their students.
I think they are worried about how you teach kids to be good losers when our Governor just showed that when you lose instead of accepting it you throw a fit until you get your way.

I think they are worried about teaching kids to follow the rules when our legislators last night voted to “suspend the rules” so they wouldn’t have to follow any in regards to passing this bill in special session.

I think they are worried about teaching kids about democracy and using your voice when I myself have emailed my legislators respectful and solution focused letters nearly daily since the first of November and have yet to get a response.

I think they are worried about teaching kids about the legislative process when only one party has been allowed to see a bill that will effect so many people.

I think they are worried that the public will buy into the rhetoric and drama and not see what is going on behind closed doors.

I think they are worried that all the good they do each and every day will be forgotten and their legacy will be this one moment in time.

I see you worried teacher and this parent supports you.

Nothing good happens after 10pm. Or behind closed doors. Or in secret. Or in expensive special sessions. Remember that Kentucky.



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