Math Class Musical Chairs

I have been so busy I have dropped the ball on blogging but after doing one of my favorite activities yesterday I remembered I needed to share!  One of my awesome colleagues Jill Angelucci shared this with me and we have so much fun with it!

This game can vary based on how many students and problems you have but generally I have about 30 students so I take the 9 problems attached here:  Muscial Chairs Expressions Review, and make 3 copies so I have 27 copies altogether.  I cut the problems apart and tape one to each desk which leaves 3 to 5 desks without a problem on them.

Each student gets a copy of the musical chairs blank handout found here: Musical Chairs Student Handout, to do their work on.  Then we get “mathy” musical chairs style.  All the kids get up and walk around the room while I play music.  When the music stops they grab the nearest desk work the problem they find on their desk on the worksheet.  If they sit at a blank desk or at a problem they’ve already done they lose that turn.  I give them about 90 seconds to do the problems before I start the music and they get moving again so no one is left without anything to do for long.  I generally reward the first 3 people to get all the problems done and correct.  Generally everyone has to go back once or twice to check their work on a problem which adds to the fun and helps them find their own errors.

We have so much fun with this game and you can do it with any number of problems or any number of kids.  I hope you’ll try!


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