Day 2 …Paper Airplanes and Card Games

Day 2 always brings one of my favorite activities…paper airplane making!  I always challenge the kids to build a paper airplane that they think will travel the farthest distance.  After giving them a few minutes to work independently they test their airplanes within their group to test them and select the best on to enter in the class contest.

47F19AC8-00F4-48EB-B71F-69EFD769BCBAD37021DD-AF39-4B80-916B-ECE14208241EOnce the best planes have been chosen we head out to the hall to fly the planes and determine a winner.  (The winning group gets our team reward money!)  It is always so fun to watch the kids personalities emerge on Day 2 as they get excited about their groups plane.  After the contest I always show the kids this Simple Truths video  about thinking outside the box and it is great watching their reactions as they see the plane in the video that wont the contest!


We followed that up with more highlights of Rio 2016 and completing our medal tally for the day.  To finish out the class we carried on with our Olympic theme by planning this great card game from Nrich.  The kids loved comparing the different stats and trying to be strategic with their cards!  Tomorrow is our first team building day.  Stay tuned for that activity!



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