Rio 2016 in Math Class

We start school on Wednesday (ahhhh) and with the Olympics in full swing I wanted to make sure I got my new students in the Olympic spirit by following along with the medal count of a country of their choosing.  Each day we are going to watch a few Olympic highlights and then I will pull up the medal counts here.  You can see on the hand out there is a place for them just to list the tally of each medal type but also a chance for them to calculate percentages by finding the percentage of gold, silver, bronze, and total medals won (I will provide them with the total number of each medal possible each day).  Students will also create a line graph for each category as well so we can compare our countries visually at the end!

I hope this will be a great way to start our school year and support the 2016 Olympics.  I will be doing all Olympic themed math the first week of school…more to come on that later!

You can find the work along here for free!

Rio 2016



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