Classroom Happenings 1/25

7th Grade Math

Funny story….

We only went to school one day last week due to Winter Storm  Jonas and its precursor storm so this week I am going to do those things I said I was going to do last week.  There is a slight chance that one the one day we went to school I got a wild hare and did the Mathalicious lesson PayDay.  The kids always love this lesson and think it hilarious to learn about how many years it would take me to earn what Lebron James does in a year.  (Here’s a hint I’ll be dead before it happens haha!)


I will add in a Mathalcious lesson this week called Time of Your Life mainly because my Facebook Timehop reminded me I did it this week last year and it is one of the best so I will teach it this year and add more of a percent twist in my questioning and conversation.


Algebra I

We are working on polynomials right now, I have two quick activities to share thanks to my wonderful teaching counterpart Jill!

The first is a Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Partner Activity  You give each student one of the polynomial cards (or you could even have them write their own which I did one class period when I realized the other class threw the cards away.)  They then travel around the room “partnering up” up with people and following the directions on their sheet.  This is a great way to get the kids up and around the room!


The second is a simple factoring Bingo activity called Matho that is just a more fun way to do some of that GCF practice.


What are you doing in your room this week?




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