Classroom Happenings 1/18

I have decided to try (notice I said try) something new for a few weeks and share what is going on in my classroom.  I know teachers are always looking for resources to put to use so I thought I would try and make it a bit easier to find some of my go to things this way!

We are currently wrapping up 7.RP.3 in the ratio and proportions unit.  Last week we focused on mentally finding percents and estimating tips.  We did lots of silent teaching which I promise to blog about soon and a lot of mental math.


One of the things I have started doing is giving the kids a weekly cover sheet for keeping track of vocabulary, tracking goals, etc.  You can find this weeks here:

Weekly Math Coversheet 1.18

We are going to be doing a lot of real world problem solving and you can find lots of the activities linked below:

Jock Tax

Dueling Discounts

Homework Assignments:

Double Discounts

Tax & Tip

25% sale


I have one last activity I am still working out in my head that I will share when I decide if it is brilliant or terrible!

Have a great week!




2 thoughts on “Classroom Happenings 1/18

  1. Brooke, I use to do a similar lesson when I taught 5th grade math. Cracker Barrel is great about giving out menus. I laminated mine and used them for years. I would allot my students a certain amount of money. Then we would pretend that they would take their family out for dinner. They had to figure their bill and tip. The children loved this! The real life application was great! Also, I did the percentages utilizing sale papers. Love your blogs!

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