Tomorrow over 100 of you will step into room 406. Some of you will be excited to be here, others will be nervous, some of you will wish you could be anywhere else. What you may not know is I am just as nervous and excited as you are. I have spent my summer nights planning for you, imagining ways to get you to grow to love math, and trying to make myself better than I was last year. And tomorrow I will get to meet you for the first time. I will get to see the faces that I have spent the last 8 weeks looking forward to meeting for the first time.

Seventh grade can be tough. You are trying to find out who you are while slowly turning into an adult. You are learning to navigate parents that you feel don’t always understand you, peer relationships that seem to change as quickly as the weather, and plenty of feelings and emotions that you are not always ready to process. I cannot fix any of those things for you over the course of the next year. I cannot promise that every day will be perfect in my classroom, that I will always be as patient or kind as you need me to be, or honestly that you will even like me every day. What I can do is promise that I will TRY. I will do my best to spend the next 177 days giving you a chance to experience math in ways that you may never have before. I will try and be fair. I will try and care for you when you are having a bad day or are frustrated with me. And I promise that no matter what happened yesterday I will treat you each day like the only you I know is the absolute best version possible.

Tomorrow we will introduce ourselves, make paper airplanes, solve a cool math problem and maybe a few other surprises but most importantly tomorrow we will start building our classroom family. The family we will turn into within my 4 walls will support each other, cheer at each other’s successes, sympathize with each other’s mistakes, laugh together, have fun, and sometimes maybe even be upset with each other. However all of those things, good and bad, will lead us to achieve our most important goal…growing together.

I can’t wait to meet you tomorrow.

Mrs. Powers


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