Valentine’s Day Math Vocabulary Poems

One of my favorite activities each year is having the kids write poems on Valentine’s Day with their math vocabulary words.  I have no idea where I got the idea but a few years ago on a whim I decided to have the kids do it and I laughed for days over their creativity so it has become an annual tradition.  I pretty much give them free reign over the assignment allowing them to work in groups or alone.  Some students write real love poems while other take it the other way and write break-up poems which are usually quite comical.  The only requirement is that they use 10 Common Core 7th grade math vocabulary words.  Here are a few of my favorites from this year!

We are spread far apart

On opposite sides of a prism.

I wish I was on a pyramid

So I’d never see you again.

You’re more annoying than a repeating decimal.

I hate you more than taxes.

Our ratio is one to none.

A long division line separates us.

I’m one and you’re -500 on the number line.

Seeing each other would be an unlikely event.

I hate you. I hate you 100%.


Our love is 100 percent

Me and you are like complementary angles

Your face is a circle with a radius of 2

Which basically means I really love you

We can be never ending just like pi

Your absolute deviation gives me a tingling sensation

The percent error of our love is absolute zero

To me you are a hero

Your face to me is to a perfect scale

I hope our love will never fail

Our unit rate is 1,000,000 miles per hour

To me you never grow sour

The percent of us having a baby

Isn’t yes or no….it’s a maybe

Us breaking up is an unlikely event

You are better than a cinnamon mint

Your face is the opposite of plain

To save you I’d jump off a plane.


Roses are red, violets are blue, I hate math almost as much as you.

Not one of your angles are acute, not even a protractor could measure how much I hate you.

Complementary angles aren’t as complicated as you, sure some may call be evil but my hate for you has no equal.

You’re more horizontal than a never-ending line, you’re more stupid than a high school Einstein.

You’re as unequal as a scalene triangle.

You have more edges than a dodecagon, and I’m counting the days until you are gone.


I hope you will be able to use this idea in some way in your classroom.  I would love to see what your students come up with!

Love is like an estimation, you never know how long you’ll be together or the probability of them being with someone else besides you.  The likely event that we peak up is hopefully at the rate of 0% but right now our love is at a percent error, and the frequency we are going won’t be an ordered pair.  I would go to the origin of the Earth for you but you would only go a ratio of the way for me.


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