Properties of Exponents Activity

I thought I did a really good job teaching the laws of exponents in my Advanced Pre-Algebra class until it came time for the quiz.  There were SO MANY misconceptions still.  It seems as though a lot of them had been exposed to and memorized a lot of the properties without a lot of conceptual understanding of the topic which led to a lot of mistakes on the quiz.  I quickly came up with this Exponent Matching activity to quickly review and reinforce the concepts.  Each student received a card and then traveled around the room looking for the three classmates that had a card with an equivalent exponential expression.  Once everyone thought they had found the right spot we debriefed as a whole class.  Some groups ended up with too many people in them and others not enough so we talked as a class about those cards to find the right group for them.  A few students never found a group so we also evaluated their card as a class to help them find the right spot.  As a follow-up homework assignment students created their own set of four equivalent exponential expression cards.  Students shared that this follow-up homework activity was critical to their understanding.  Feel free to edit as needed to meet your classes needs, it really worked for us!


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