I Change My Teaching Philosophy Four Times a Day

I feel like I suffer from some sort of a multiple personality disorder that only teachers suffer from.  I hope I am not alone here but I truly feel like my teaching philosophy changes at least four times on a bad day and a lot more than that on a good day.  It isn’t that I want to be this way but I just can’t make myself commit to a teaching style.  In general whatever I am going right that second in my classroom is what I will tell you I am most passionate about.  The problem is that as soon as I start the next activity or method that will become what I am most passionate about.

I really admire and look up to the people that are much more dedicated to what they believe in than I am.  I want to be like Dan Meyer, Fawn Ngyuen, Kate Nowak, and so many other of my teaching “idols” but I just can’t do it.  I always going to be the kind of person to claim one day that teaching number sense is the most important thing I do and the next day swear to you that it is problem solving.  The minute I get done telling you that I never use direct instruction I will stand up and give direct instruction for 10 minutes because my kids seem to have some misconceptions that I can’t figure out how to address any other way.

In the end, like most teachers I think I just really try and do the best I can for every second that my kids are in my room.  Sometimes that means that four minutes into what I thought was going to be a really good lesson I throw the whole thing away because I got a really good idea or realized the kids needed something totally different.  And sometimes it means that a kid will ask me if I ever been tested for ADHD (which happened a couple of weeks ago) but in the end I am confident of two things:

1)  I do the best I can every day to reach every learner and leave no one behind

2)  Kids are truly always on their toes and never know what they are going to do in math class (even if it is because sometimes I don’t know either)


8 thoughts on “I Change My Teaching Philosophy Four Times a Day

  1. I feel like this all the time. I think what makes you an effective teacher is that you are constantly shifting your “style” to meet the needs of the kids in your class. You’re awesome!

    • So glad to hear someone else feels that way! I do the best I can. Sometimes I do wish I was one of those people that was really passionate about one thing but I am pretty certain it is never going to happen! I will be passionate about not being passionate ha!

  2. Experienced teachers, who are successful in the classroom, do not marry a teaching style. They serve the task on any given day. I think it’s a poor teacher who BECOMES one teaching style. Then that teacher is no longer responding at all to the students. In my opinion, you seem to be doing the right thing. Remember; your job is to meet your students at their point of need and see that they leave your class able to do the skills they will need for the next class (and, more important, for their lives). You sound, to me, like a really good teacher.

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