Classroom Remodel

The Wall

I am not by any means the craftiest, neatest, most organized, or creative teacher in our building but I still decided to take on the project of redoing my classroom decor this summer.  My biggest problem has always been my “wall”. My classroom has a removable wall that is made of some sort of upholstery like fabric that drives me crazy because it is dull an dingy looking.  The first year I was there I did nothing to it and years  two and three I covered it with fabric but I was tired of looking at that as well.  The biggest problem with the wall is that we have to be able to open it for team incentives, open house, etc so I knew I had to be able to cover the panels individually to keep the functionality.

The "Wall" before the redo

The Wall Before the Redo

Enter Pinterest

I found this pin with lots of different uses for scrapbook paper but I knew I would have to toughen it up to get it to last for 177 days with 120+ kids.  I found a scrapbook paper pad that I liked that had 20 different patterns with 4 sheets of each pattern.  It took 2 to do the wall and and another one to finish up some other stuff I wanted to cover.  Purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby the wall cost right at $15.00 and the whole room was $21.00…way cheaper than the fabric I had purchased in years prior!

I laminated each sheet individually and then cut them out (yes there was lamination scraps all over my house!).  Next I just pieced them on the wall and secured with a staple gun.  I did have to trim some of them so that they wouldn’t keep the wall from opening but in the end it still turned out great. I also made my bulletin board match and hot glued extra sheets to the sides of my book cases and filing cabinets to add to the effect and cover up some ugliness!  

The new wall

The New Wall

I also found some great storage containers to match for  $1 at Dollar Tree and was so grateful to Sarah’s blog for the FABULOUS classroom posters.  They were the perfect finishing touch to my room.  

Matching bulletin board


All in all, my entire remodel was less than $30.00 and I am thrilled with the results.  I just wish I had taken more before pictures to show!


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